Workshop on EFQM

Thursday, October 24, 2013 to Friday, October 25, 2013

Following the planned activities, the Libyan delegates gathered in a 2-day training where they received core concepts on EFQM Excellence Model and Key Management Processes and draft of self assessment of university services.The workshop has been held in Tunisia in October 2013. The knowledge acquired by participants will be used by them in order to draft their Self Assessment Report on one of their University services selected by partner universities.The workshop included both theoretical as well as practical exercises. Beside the introduction on the fundamental concepts of Excellence, EFQM and RADAR, participants were divided into small groups to practise the theories. By analysing data of given or real institutional circumstances, an in-depth analysis has been carried out to reflect on how the drafting of their SER should be done for their benefit. The Libyan universities took home with the knowledge of assessment tools and will prepare the real tasks/ assessment for their universities. Presentations can be found in the extranet.